Conservation Project in Seychelles

The project takes place on a small island off Praslin, a 100% dedicated to conservation. Cousin Island only accepts tourists once a day, for 1h30 during a guided tour, otherwise, it is only authorised to persons that are part of the project.


The project focuses on two aspects : the conservation of birds (from February to September) and turtles (from October to February) and tortoises and volunteers can participate for 2 or 4 weeks.



Arrivals and departures are based on a specific schedule (see « period/costs »). You will need to fly in Praslin’s ariport where you will meet with your coordinator, Yan, at 8h30. He will take you to the supermarket before taking a boat to reach Cousin Island.

The Conservation Project in Seychelles offers the unique oportunity to the volunteers to be in complete immersion on an island dedicated to conservation only (birds and reptiles). The island was declared « Special Reserve » in 1968 by the government in order to save the remaining 26 Seychelles warblers!


October – February

It is egg-laying season for the turtles. The team desperately needs volunteers to help out with the 7 patrols organised everyday in order to identify the laying turtles and count and monitor the eggs.


March – September

Activities are mostly focused on birds : counting, identifying and monitoring of the chicks. With some of the most endangered species in the world, the task is essential!


Note : September and March are transition periods, which means that there are very few turtles (or none at all some years), activities are split between them and the birds and tortoises.


Here is a list of activities that you may take part in during your stay all-year round (please note that this is for your information and that you may or may not take part in all the activities listed below):

  • Ring the birds
  • Reptile census
  • Beach profile monitoring
  • Invasive plant control
  • Data collection & retranscripton
  • Participate in the guided tours


This is a scientific project that requires patience, concentration and to be fit in order to walk all around the island.


Days off

During turtle season, volunteers only have 1 day off per week and cannot leave the island.

When it is not turtle season, volunteers have the weekends off and can leave the island 1 time per month.

You can do snorkeling around the island (if you bring your own equipment) and meet with the incredible marine fauna.

Volunteers live in a very basic house with an ocean view. It consists of three bedrooms, one bathroom (with cold water only), a common area and a kitchen. Composting toilets are outside.

Water is collected everyday so the volunteers need to pay attention to their consumption. They need to buy their own groceries once a week (not included in the rate, it’s about 200€ per month) and cook their meals. There is no Wifi on the Island but you can by some in Praslin.


It is a two or four week programme with specific arrival and departure days.

The cost of the programme is 520 € for two weeks and 1000 € for one month.

On top of the Programme Fees, Registration Fees of 180€ apply.


Are included in the Programme Fees:  airport transfers, accommodation, Praslin – Cousin transfers, your supervision.

Are included in the Registration Fees: administrative and marketing fees, ongoing support from Aventure Africaine, travel costs to visit and experience the projects.


2 week programme 2019

Arrival Date                            Departure Date

4 January                                 18 or 21 January

4 February                               15 or 18 February

4 March                                   15 March

1er April                                   12 April

6 May                                       17 May

3 June                                       14 June

1er July                                    12 July

5 August                                  16 August

2 September                           13 September

7 October                                18/21 October

4 November                            15/18 November

2 December                            13/16 December


4 week programme 2019

Arrival Date                            Departure Date

4 January                                 1st February

4 February                               1st March

4 March                                   29 March

1er April                                   26 April

6 May                                       31 May

3 June                                       28 June

1er July                                    26 July

5 August                                  30 August

2 September                           27 September

7 October                                1st November

4 November                            29 November

2 December                            3 January

« I loved this experience which taught me a lot about nature and conservation. It was also very interesting to live in very unusual and basic conditions » Ludivine, Switzerland


« I learned a lot about field work and its methodology. Some specific experiences made my stay even better such as ringing the birds. » Nikita, India

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