Zimbabwe remains quite unknown compared with other Southern African countries despite the natural wonders it has to offer, especially the Victoria Falls. About 13% is dedicated to natural parks and game reserves, preserved from mass tourism. In winter, the dry season, the animals struggle to find the natural resources necessary to their survival and wait impatiently for the green landscapes of summer.

Despite the fact that the country is experiencing a very difficult economic situation at the moment, its people still remain extremely kind and welcoming.



Summer: November – April

Winter: May – October


There is barely any evidence of Spring and Autumn.


Projects : Zimbabwe

Primate and African Fauna Centre

The centre primarily focuses on the rehabilitation of primates but also cares for other african animals. First and foremost a rehabilitation centre, it also offers a permanent home to those who cannot be released.

Conservation Course

The Conservation Course in Zimbabwe is an extended, in-depth, African learning experience which combines lectures and hands-on activities on the field.

Elephant & Rhino Project

The Elephant & Rhino Project allows the volunteers to work closely with these endangered animals while taking part in a black rhino release programme in Zimbabwe.