Why choose Aventure Africaine


It’s a volunteering experience in a game reserve in South Africa that changed our life and gave us the desire to create our own volunteering agency. This is why we know exactly what it is like to prepare your trip, what questions, worries and whishes you may have. Having been in your shoes (and still being in your shoes sometimes) we understand what you may feel and we are here to help you at every step of your trip.



For us, it is not simply about sending volunteers in Africa, no matter the project. Quite the opposite, we wish, to our extent, to help with the conservation of African species by supporting game reserves that have a real positive impact in that area. The projects we work with are supervised by men and women who devote their lives to conservation and you may be certain that your participation will greatly help with the maintenance and the development of these projects.



To be able to guarantee that you will have an incredible experience, we personally experience all the projects. We come into regular contact with the people you will work with, we sleep in the beds you will sleep in, we eat the food you will eat and we take part in the activities you will experience. We are not satisfied with a simple quick guided tour of the reserve, we visit the sites as true volunteers. By doing this, not only we make sure of the quality and the interest of the project, but this also gives us the ability to answer directly to any of your questions regarding the organisation on site.



Volunteering as we see it, although paying, should not be for a minority only. This is why we choose affordable projects, for which every euro spent is justified.



We do not believe that it is possible to offer trips of good quality and be able to give reliable information to the volunteers by working with projects all around the world. On the contrary, specialising in the African continent and being attached to its inhabitants, landscapes and wildlife is a token of quality.