Adventure & Conservation Project

The Adventure & Conservation Project is located in a huge game reserve of about 45 000 hectares in the south of Namibia, in a semi-desertic environment. The main objective of this project is to ecologically restore and rewild this land which used to be a farming/hunting area.


For the volunteers, the programme is a combination of conservation, research, adventure, community and relaxation. The project can accomodate up to 16 volunteers, often divided into small groups for activities.


Note: this project is ideal for nature lovers who don’t expect to meet many animals on a daily basis.


Project closed until 2023.




The project works with specific dates (check “period/cost”), volunteers need to fly to Windhoek airport (SA) the day before and spend the night at a backpackers. A shuttle collects the volunteers to drive them to the project. The drive is about 10h.

At the Adventure & Conservation Project, team spirit is essential and everyone works hard to achieve the conservation goals. Activities can be divided into three categories: conservation, community and adventure.


The programme combines several aspects: habitat management, reintroduction and translocation of wildlife and research about specific subjects, all of this with the aim of rewilding the area. The objective here is to provide a safe and big enough lan with minimum human impact.

In 2020, ostriches will be reintroduced and in the futur, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, girafes and black rhinos. At the moment, species that can be found are antelopes, leopards, brown hyenas, small mammals and lots of birds and reptiles.

Activites you may take part in:

  • sand dam construction
  • cameras traps
  • biodiversity surveys
  • alien plant control
  • research on leopards, brown hyenas, small mammals, etc.
  • game counts
  • mega fauna tracking on a neighbour game reserve (one night on site)
  • etc


In order to achieve its goals in terms of conservation, the project needs to be supported by local communities. But aside from that, the coordinators wish to improve the lives of the locals by carrying out several actions with the help of the volunteers:

  • outdoor school to trach kids about wildlife
  • school for older kids to teach them skills to find a job
  • soup kitchen
  • etc.


This project is perfect for the intrepid explorers who are happy to live in the middle of nowhere and go on adventures:

  • Two or three days hiking and camping under the stars in the wilderness
  • 4 days rafting (extra, £275)
  • mountain biking
  • etc.

A typical daily schedule (please note that this schedule may vary according to the season and activities undertaken.):

7h30 : breakfast

8h30 – 10h : 1st activity

10h : morning break

10h30 – 13h : 2nd activity

13h – 15h : lunch

15h – 18h : 3rd activity

19h : diner and briefing

Days off

Sundays are off. Volunteers stay at base camp and are encouraged to rest after their long week. The bravest ones can hike one of the many hills around.

Volunteers are accomodated in a tented camp, in the middle of the desert. Base camp is very basic yet comfortable: big tents (with 2 or 5 people in it depending on the number of volunteers), bathrooms, flush toilets and electricity.

A big communal tent is settled in the middle of the camp. There, volunteers can have their meals and relax on the sofas.

Wifi is available but extremely limited.

Possible activities at base camp:

  • Slack line

  • Beach Volley Ball

  • Arts & crafts

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Traditional Bread making & cooking classes on open fire

  • Bead-making workshops

  • Open air wild cinema

  • Chilling/reading

  • Enjoying a ice cold beverage after a long day in the field

The programmes is based on 4 weeks expeditions with set dates:

2021 Dates

July 22nd – August 18th

September 23rd – October 20th

October 28th – November 24th


2022 Dates

March 10th – April 6th

April 14th – May 11th

May 19th – June 15th

June 18th – July 15th

July 18th – August 14th

September 1st – September 28th

October 6th – November 2nd

The rate is £2430 and includes: airport transfers (Windhoek), accomodation, 3 meals per day, supervision.


“A great unique experience, where you get to be immersed in the wilderness without the stress and distractions of the modern world. Many amazing adventures from a 3 day hike to downhill mountain biking and whitewater rafting. It’s also a great taster of what it is like to be in conservation and rewilding.” Jack
“I had the most incredible time in Namibia even though it flew by. We achieved so much in a short month. The conservation activities were fun and fascinating to be a part of. A particular favourite of mine was invasive tree demolition and obviously white water rafting. Having limited WiFi made it much easier to click with other people and I’ve made some great friends.” Ivo
“I miss waking up at camp every morning surrounded by an incredibly special group of people, knowing that each day would start with a new adventure and end watching the insane Namibian sunset. Red and Dre are two of the most inspiring people and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn so much from them, and help in a range of ways with their conservation work. It is strange how quickly you adjust to bush life and nothing will compare once you leave.” Freya

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