Vet Programme

The Vet Programme takes place in the 23 000 hectare game reserve of the Big 5 Conservation Project and is supervised by the vet and his team. It is designed for vet or nurse students. The programme aims to offer participants a combination of veterinary and conservation activities and to be a part of community upliftment projects.

The group is limited to 10 students.




There are three set dates for this programme (check “period/costs”) and arrivals and departures take place on Mondays. Participants need to land before 13h at Port Elizabeth airport and depart after 13h30.

The Vet Programme aims to teach to the students about the role of a vet in a game reserve through lectures, hands-on activities and observations.

It takes place during two weeks and although a schedule is planned, students need to be aware of the fact that it can change according to specific need and unexpected events.

Here is a draft :

First week

  • Orientation (drives on the reserve, species identification, discussions on wildlife management, monitoring, etc.)
  • Lectures (role of vet on game reserve, game capture techniques, immobilising drugs, husbandry of captured animals, game translocation)
  • Practical experience (target shooting with dart gun, assistance with darting, translocations)

Second week

  • Lectures (diseases of wildlife, wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation, poaching and veterinary response)
  • Practical experience (necropsies, mass capture and translocation of antelopes, community day, visits to the rehab centre and the predator sanctuary)


Activities will usually take place between 8h and 17h with a one or two hour lunch break. Weekends are off.




Students are accomodated in a lodge in the Northern extent of the reserve. Up to three per room with en-suite sharing bathroom. There is a lounge and a plunge pool to relax. Three meals are provided on a daily basis and laundry can be done once a week. Wifi is available.


This is a two week programme:

27 May – 10 June 2024

10 June – 24 June 2024

24 June – 8 July 2024 full


The cost is R53845 (about 2700 €).

Are included in the Programme Fees: the registration fees, accommodation, three meals a day, your supervision, laundry, the Wifi.

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